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Agafon Dombrov
4 min readAug 28, 2020

Equilibrium is introducing a cross-chain money market that combines pooled lending with synthetic asset generation and trading

All DeFi united in one place

With Equilibrium you can:

  • Lend.
    All main crypto assets
    EQ tokens
  • Borrow.
    All main crypto assets
    Decentralized stablecoins
    Synthetic assets
  • Trade.
    All main crypto assets
    Decentralized stablecoins
    Synthetic assets
    EQ tokens
  • Stake
    PoS & DPoS crypto assets
    EQ tokens

Advanced feature

  • Bailouts
    Provide liquidity in advance to secure loans in the system and to earn additional yield
  • Programmatic interest rate
    Get fair interest on loans based on the algorithmic risk assessments
  • Built-in cross-chain DEX
    Trade assets of multiple platforms on margin and using advanced order types

What sets us apart?

  • All in one place
    All main DeFi use cases on one easy interface
  • Cross-chain enabled
    Polkadot bridges provide trustless cross-chain interoperability-
  • Highest possible liquidity
    Solving chronic DeFi issue via attracting institutional clients on multiple platforms
  • Bailouts vs. auctions
    Liquidity ensured against debt default in adverse markets


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3-layer proactive system solvency protection

ABOUT EQ Utility token

EQ enables communal governance of Equilibrium. To be used for product fees, bailout liquidity, and for transaction fees on the Equilibrium Substrate

Key features

  • Governance token
    EQ holders are eligible to select Substrate validators and have a say in system changes
  • Platform currency
    Users pay transaction fees for operations on Equilibrium’s Substrate and product fees in EQ
  • Bailout liquidity
    Liquidity providers can earn yield on securing loans in the system by locking EQ in Equilibrium’s liquidity pool
  • Staking opportunities
    EQ holders receive rewards on their tokens staked to Equilibrium’s governance


How is the new EQ token used?

The token is used to perform many of the standard procedures that we are already familiar with, such as using liquidated collateral, paying for Equilibrium’s products, and earning staking rewards. However, it also introduces a series of new functionalities.

What is unique about the EQ token?

The token covers some important new utilities due to our new products. Since we are offering unprecedented, cross-chain interoperability, a key EQ function is that you can use our token on any other protocol. It can also be used for bailouts, to ensure liquidity. Unlike on other projects, our bailouts avoid forced auctions and ensure system stability by securing bad loans before adverse markets happen. Other innovations include using EQ to vote for validators, who play a key role in the system, and for paying transaction fees.

What about providing liquidity to earn EQ?

Yes, liquidity providers earn in EQ. What’s more, we have some unique advantages here — lenders can continue earning on loans even after margin calls.

Can I earn on holding EQ tokens?

Yes, you can either stake EQ to the Equilibrium’s governance and earn rewards from the Substrate validators or you can transfer them to the bailout pool and earn on securing loans in the system.

How will EQ token allocations be vested?

Team’s allocation will be locked for two years starting from the genesis block. Tokens vest monthly according to the linear curve.

Investors’ allocation will be locked for two years with monthly linear vesting.

NUT/EQ token swap allocation will have no vesting for existing NUT holders and there will be one year lockup for new NUT holders with monthly linear vesting.

Equilibrium is evolving into the first decentralized cross-chain money market that combines pooled lending with synthetic asset generation and trading. As such, we will provide the missing link that unlocks the vast remaining potential of the DeFi market both including and beyond Ethereum, and open up colossal new opportunities for lending and trade. Check out our developing new website.

In connection with this, we are introducing new products and new native assets. Today we’d like to introduce the new EQ token to you.

Product roadmap

  • In production
    EOSDT stablecoin - Lock EOS & BTC collateral to raise liquidity at 1.8%
    Staking pool - Earn on staking EOS, NUT and EOSDT
    Pyramiding - Lever up your exposure to EOS
  • Q3 2020
    Cross-chain decentralized stablecoin - Lock ETH & EOS to raise liquidity on the chain of choice
    Bailouts - Earn extra yield on securing loans
  • Q4 2020
    Pooled lending - Lend & borrow crypto assets without peer-to-peer matching
    Cross-chain DEX - Trade multiple assets without third party risk
  • H1 2021
    Synthetic assets - Lock crypto and get exposure to multiple assets
    Margin trading - Trade crypto on margin cross-chain
  • H2 2021
    Advanced market orders - Apply specific conditions or timeframe
    Delta hedging - Hedge your portfolio risks automatically

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