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Greetings to my readers, today I want to inform you about the FTXFUND platform and its features.

Agafon Dombrov
2 min readMay 30, 2021


Introduction. What is FTXFUND?

FTX Fund is a blockchain platform under FTX Finance LTD was born with a mission to create a giant foundation in the blockchain industry. FTX FINANCE LTD is a corporation specializing in fintech investment and financial technology. FTX FINANCE was established in the UK, founded by a team with extensive experience in investment funds, financial technology, and global trade from the EU, US and ASIA.

A team of professionals who know their business.


  • Q1,2019: The core group is established to develop human resources in field of Information Technology
  • Q1, 2020: Successfully tested and applied blockchain technology for electronic stocks
  • Q4, 2020: Build a decentralized exchange platform, prepare materials and business strategy
  • Q1, 2021: Audit contract, Cerificate of Compliance, Analyze known security vulnerabilities, Inspect the operating code, Analyze vulnerabilities using security tool, Dynamic Analysis by using Unit Test, Integration Test: Analyze code behavior in predictable scenarios, Whitepaper publishing, FTXF decentralized cryptocurrency launch and public introduction.
  • Q2, 2021: Mass media campaigns on social media and international news channels, Open and sell FTXF Token incentives to the community, launch Staking Dapp, To be listed on international exchanges: Hotbit, PancakeSwap, Coimarketcap, Link FTXF with Visa, Mastercard, and Union Pay for booking at 1.5 million hote!s and buying tickets form 400 airlines over the world.
  • Q3-Q4, 2021: List exchanges like MXC, Binance, Launch WOWIDEX decentralized exchange, Launch the business social network WETAON, Launch PAYGATE Payment Gateway, Launch ONSTORA App
  • Q1,2022–2025: Issue digital FTXFund’s shares, Launch real estate exchange DIASPLAT with NFT platform, Complete procedures to list OTC US and Nasdaq to become public companies. Each FTXF Token is converted to FTX Fund share the rate of 1:1

FTX FUND (FTXF) Token Economics

Total Supply: 100.000.000
Token Name: FTX FUND
Token Type: BEP-20
Token Symbol: FTXF
Contract: 0xd90f0846b9d0f371b35a9fe89102c306458aa56f

FTXF Allocation:

Freezing & Stake: 42%
Reserve Fund: 18.2%
Development Team: 15%
Marketing: 10%
Exchange: 5%
Public Sale: 3.5%
Angel investors & partners: 3%
Advisory and legal board: 1.8%
Community Development: 1.5%

Conclusion. What do I think of FTXFUND?

FTXFUND has a great future, they have a perfectly built platform that will attract hundreds of investors around the world, I believe in their great future, and that they will have a leadership position.

Website: https://ftxfund.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/FTXFundGlobal

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