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What is iBid?

iBid aspires to create a global trading and service database platform, with almost zero transaction fees worldwide. The iBid common currency will be the main payment currency in this ecosystem.

iBid is aiming to become a major platform in the field of decentralized applications (DApps), such as Ethereum and Cardano.

  1. iBidoperates on a decentralized platform, users have the right to list their products -services or DAppson the iBidBlockchain platform.
  2. Individuals who contribute to iBid’secosystem such as token holders will gain profit which is appropriate to their dedication to the company.
  3. iBidworks as a non-profit model, so the contributors of the platform will gain benefit from iBidecosystem development fund to award.
  4. iBidhas a diverse digital asset ecosystem, full of mixed forms: Decentralized exchange, Gaming Decentralize, DAPP, wallet, P2P Lending, iBidPrivacy, Auctions on blockchain, etc.

How to make money from iBid?

The revenue model has two partsiBidworks in a way to generate major revenue of the bids purchased from packages by users, from the platform to participate in the auction in different stacks. Along with encouraging repetitive bid purchasing. The winner will not pay for the products

Besides, iBidalso earns from sponsors who wants promote their items.

iBid Market Size

The iBid development team still has a long way to go, and certainly, it is not an easy path.

However, if iBidcan do that, the future market of iBidis extremely large.

Why? Looking at the current Ethereum, there have been over 800 token which are issued based on Ethereum Blockchain. And this is an industry that’s still very young, it’s just beginning.


Users on the iBidplatform do not incur any expenses.

Full ownership
of personal database on the iBid ecosystem.

Profit sharing model from the company.

Providing quality services and products is not for profit.

Ticker: iBidToken
Price: 1 iBid= 1 USDT
Total supply: 100.000.000
Role of Token: Utility

iBid token is used on Ethereum Blockchain. Mainnetis going to be lauchedon 06/2021 and iBid token will be converted to iBid coin which is used in iBid ecosystem.

iBidwill be generated over a period of 10 years, with 16% being generated in the first year, 29% within 4 years, and 61% within 5 years.

A total of 100.000.000(one hundred million) iBid coin will be generated. iBid spent on the network will be redistributed to iBid holders.

100% token will be airdrop for community.


Voting allows the list of DApps, products and services in the iBid ecosystem. You have the right to decide which iBid will sponsor and reject projects.
Exchange value in the iBid ecosystem. Creating and maintaining an internal and individual economy is one of the most important tasks of IBID tokens.
iBid tokens are used as a fee gateway for you to use certain functions of an ecosystem.



Payment for services and goods provided by service providers and merchants on the iBid network.


The iBidtoken can allow the owner to enrich user experience within an iBid ecosystem.

For example, iBid members will have the right to enrich their customers’ experienceby using their tokens to add ads or other attention-grabbing services on the iBid platform.


Exchange with other tokens that parasitize on the iBid platform

Problems of centralizedauctions

1. Lack of transparency
2. No interoperability
3. Security risks
4. Centralization of processes
5. Risks of corruption
6. Low trust from bidders

Business Model

How iBid works, just like another penny auction business, earns most of the revenue by selling the bids. The bids are generally sold in packages and different sizes. The more one bidder bids, the more money will be banked by the company.

The iBid business model, where the admin will list different products on the platform for auction (you can ONLY list products if you have Platinum or higher packages).To participate in the auction and place a bid on the product, a user will need to purchase bids from some packages. You can start with Bronze Packages which only $25.

An auction starts from $0 and on each bid product auction price will be increased by $0.01.

At the end of the auction, the winner user do not have to pays the final amount.

New blockchain

We choose to use blockchain technology because blockchain is, indeed, perfectly relevant to our project as it answers some security requirements that traditional auctions can not currently guarantee.

New Decentralization

The data about each auction is stored in the blockchain

The blockchain data is stored in multiple places

Every computer that stores a copy of the blockchain must approve each addition, protecting against unauthorized changes

If any information about the bid changes, the digital signature would change as well. This enables everyone to be able to verify bid information

New bidding

This is intrinsic part of blockchain, can solve several issues that is inherent to traditional auctions, including the fact that:

They are not transparent.

Bidders have no way to ensure the origin, authenticity and legitimacy of a higher bid, bidding history is made trackable and verifiable by anyone.

Current auctionsare not open,

because of the very essence of their centralization. Bidders must use the organizer’s platform. This is not the case with iBidBlockchain as it can be used solely for its blockchain layer if necessary.

Interoperability is the key

And this is what iBid Blockchain brings.

Advantage iBid


Why do you need to upgrade to Platinum Packages?

1. Bonus 10% iBid tokens, which is not available in lower packages.
2. Engage in iBid’s profit sharing program, gain benefits from its business activities.
3. List of products on iBid Auctions
4. High Demand and Diminishing Supply.
5. DApps listing.

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