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Largo Coin Features

The cryptocurrency evolution - is a multifaceted process requiring constant updates and upgrades of the existing architectures to provide the capacity forthe growing needs of the markets. Unfortunately, too many networks that appeared over the past years had a tendency to solve only the existing market problems but had little or no recourse to mitigation of the arising issues of scalability and wider implementations, which caused a noticeable slowdownin the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Largo Coin has its design tailored to the purpose of being both compatible with the current status of the market development and the needs that might arise in the future with the scale-up of the ecosystem.

Master Node based security

A Masternode is a blockchain network full node or computer wallet that storesthe full copy of the distributed ledger in real-time up-to-date, but Masternodes serve a considerably different set of functions as compared to regular nodes.

The list of special functions that Masternodes are responsible for is:
-Increasing privacy of transactions
-Enabling instant transactions
-Governing and voting

Largo Coin Wallet

Largo Foundation realizes the needs of the peer-to-peer transfer systems and therefore is to develop its own sophisticated multi-platform software -Largo Wallet, that will be available in desktop, mobile and web versions, allto ensure convenient use, easy transfer, security and financial sovereignty to Largo Coin holders.

Largo Coin Financial Applications


Financial Security During Transfers

A standout among the most evident advantages of digital currency to both customers and organizations is the security it allows for information exchange processes. Safety and security is a noteworthy worry for everybody at this moment, particularly with the various information breaks that have occurred in the course of recent years.

Reducefriction in business transactions

Overseeing spending is a hard task in many institutions. On theother hand, businesses could make a self-administered blockchain system for vendors, suppliers and contractors, which could alternate current solutions withsmart contracts, instant transactions, and Internet of Things (IoT)-initiated shipments. Not requiring human control, mistakes and missing data will be diminished crosswise over transfer processes, and transactions would happen quicker in light of the fact that customers and suppliers would have a direct connection.

B2C & C2C

Enable distributed, autonomous marketplaces

Blockchain enables resource proprietors to track and exchange things of significant worth in a safe, straightforward, private, and self-accommodating “chain” of transactions. This ability adds speed and adaptability to money and resource management and control. For instance, utilizing invoices from business asset arranging applications, organizations could raise required money rapidly or quicken income by selling such invoices on an independent marketplace.

Advantages of B2C & C2C

  • Low Processing Fees
    Practically all types of wire transfers have applicable transaction fees. This ison the grounds that thereis commonly a middle person that processes the transaction and receives a fee. For instance, a private company accepting credit card is normally on the average charged 2% –3% by the processing organization. This also applies to such organizations as, forexample, Stripe or PayPal.
    Largo Coin, on the other hand, will have significantly lower transaction fees due to its peer-to-peer architecture, which excludes the presence of multi-layer middle-men in the transferring process.
  • High Transaction Speed
    Cryptocurrency transactions take close to zero time to be processed: for instance, it takes Bitcoin miners around 10 minutes to check and process a transfer. There are even protocols like Litecoin and Ethereum that validate transactions in as meager as 20 seconds. This implies coins are sentinto one’s wallet in 10 minutes or less. This is quicker than the 2 –3 days it requires a traditional wire transfer to clear. However, with Largo Coin the transaction time will be shrunk down to mere seconds, thus enablinginstant processing of payments.
  • All Transactions are Final
    Contrary to ordinary wire transfers, all cryptocurrency transfers are final. This implies there is no chance a consumer could cancel a charge and nullify a deal. Vendorsare hence ready to control their return algorithms better as it expels the danger of chargebacks and other occurrences that may threaten their incomes. This additionally protects from customer fraud, for example, when counterfeit credit cards or bills areutilized or when a clientfalsely debates a legitimate charge.
  • More Payment Options for Customers
    Regularly, the more payment choices there are available provided by an independent company to its client the better. In the event that a private company chooses to accept cryptocurrency payments it has the capability of drawing in a more extensive client base.|

Largo Coin Facts

  1. LRG has a limited supply of 200,000,000 coins, which ensures the constant increase in demand and sustainability of the coin economy.
  2. Time-proven Proof-of-Stake architecture makes coin operation smooth and fast.
  3. High-end security through the state-of-the-art PoS consensus and Masternode validation.
  4. Low-cost transaction fees ensure economic viability for LRG Coin in any market conditions.
  5. Real use-cases
    Largo Coin will be used as the next-generation tool in global trade to create trust between the buyers and sellers.
  6. Decentralized System
    LRG infrastructure and protocol are not controlled by a single authority and belongs to users.

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