LARGO COIN (LRG) — Bringing trust to the global trade markets

Largo Coin Features

The cryptocurrency evolutionUnfortunately

Master Node based security

A Masternode

The list of special functions that Masternodes are responsible for is:

Largo Coin Wallet

Largo Foundation

Largo Coin Financial Applications


Financial Security During Transfers

Reducefriction in business transactions

B2C & C2C

Enable distributed, autonomous marketplaces

Advantages of B2C & C2C

  • Low Processing Fees
    Largo Coin
  • High Transaction Speed
  • All Transactions are Final
  • More Payment Options for Customers

Largo Coin Facts

  1. LRG has a limited supply of 200,000,000 coins, which ensures the constant increase in demand and sustainability of the coin economy.
  2. Time-proven Proof-of-Stake architecture makes coin operation smooth and fast.
  3. High-end security through the state-of-the-art PoS consensus and Masternode validation.
  4. Low-cost transaction fees ensure economic viability for LRG Coin in any market conditions.
  5. Real use-cases
    Largo Coin will be used as the next-generation tool in global trade to create trust between the buyers and sellers.
  6. Decentralized System
    LRG infrastructure and protocol are not controlled by a single authority and belongs to users.

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