Merlin: Audited High Yield Maximizer

Greetings to my readers! Today I want to recommend you the project MerlinLab, the main idea of which is to create a new yield-farming platform that supports auto-compound technology.

Agafon Dombrov
3 min readJun 1, 2021

Introduction. What is MerlinLab?

Merlin is an auto-compounding yield aggregator with an ecosystem optimized to focus on safe and sustainable maximum yield return. Merlin is a new Yield Farming platform that provides many extensive options. On the platform you can see more than 20+ different pools with which you can earn CAKE, ETH, BNB, MERL and other tokens.

Merlin combines yield maximization with functionality, delivering an all-encompassing DeFi platform.

Why is Merlin safe?

Merlin is created and managed by a team of experienced blockchain, technology and cybersecurity experts.

To ensure maximum user protection, Merlin has commissioned three audits from reputable firms that are dedicated to blockchain security verification. The first audit was already performed by Hacken Cybersecurity, and it was a brilliant one.

Merlin Tokenomics

Currently, $MERL does not have a maximum supply due to the need for a wide distribution of tokens to accommodate for utility within the range of DeFi product suites planned within the upcoming development roadmap.

$MERL tokens are minted in proportion to BNB earned on the platform.

Multiple deflationary mechanisms are in place to reduce supply and to maintain constant upwards price pressure:

  • Buyback & Burn: 50% of the Burn contribution is used to perform market buy-backs of $MERL tokens to stabilize price during market volatility
  • Lottery: 50% of the Burn contribution will be used to purchase $MERL and injected into the lottery pot. 20% of the pot is burnt
  • Further deflationary mechanics will be introduced for $MERL ecosystem to become deflationary


How do vaults work?

Vaults are automated investment instruments that utilize optimal strategies to maximize yield. Merlin uses vaults to automatically reinvest and compound deposited assets. Vaults comprise of either a single token or a pair of tokens that are invested into liquidity pools.

How often do the Merlin vaults compound?

Each Merlin vault compounds at the most optimal time according to empirical data. This usually ranges between a compound every 2–4 hours.

Are the displayed vault rates APY?

Yes. Our displayed APY values reflect the predicted rate earned on a vault over a year. This rate takes into consideration compounding at optimal times.

Why can’t I compound myself?

Compounding yourself is an inefficient process in which it is difficult to manage the optimal compounding frequency resulting in lower yields. We also save you time and gas fees.

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