MocktailSwap: Swap platform running on the BSC.

Greetings to all my readers, in this article, I want to tell you about MocktailSwap, talk about all the pros and cons of this platform, let’s go.

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Introduction. What is MocktailSwap?

MocktailSwap is a decentralized swap platform powered by Binance Smart Chain. MocktailSwap Finance is an AMM protocol that incorporates a multi-strategy optimization yield farming on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with low commissions and slippages, as well, MocktailSwap provides aggregation through lending and yield generation to maximize profit.

MocktailSwap Tokenomics (MOK)

Mocktail Token is the first semi-fungible token on BSC. MOK is the new Ethereum token standard and also, a new type of dapp on Mocktail Finance! The ERC-1155 token standard makes it possible to make a single smart contract managing a virtually unlimited number of tokens.

  • What does Semi-Fungible mean?
    - Each token type can be owned by multiple addresses
    - One address can own multiple copies of each token.

Contract token address: “Click

It should be noted that every week, 50,000 to 500,000 MOK tokens are burned. At the moment, MOK token has no clear limit, which makes it an inflationary token. MOK’s primary function is to incentivize the provision of liquidity to the exchange, and without a reward for each block, there will be much less incentive to provide liquidity.

Make money on the Mocktail Swap platform!

MocktailSwap platform has 2 types of earning: Farming and Staking, both of them have peculiarities, which we are going to talk about.

Staking: There are only 3 pools, they are WBNB, MOK, BUSD, the most profitable will be using pool of native MocktailSwap token — MOK, because it gives the most profitable APY.

Farming: There are a lot of pools, 8 of them, choose the best one for yourself and go farming! Before that, do not forget to connect your wallet to the site and spend uproots in those pools in which you are interested.

MocktailSwap Roadmap

February 2021

The project was announced in February 2021, and throughout its existence, it has managed to do a lot of work. After all, diligent stages of development of the platform itself were conducted, and already in March 2021 the launch of the platform in beta and alpha mode was carried out.

April 2021

April was a very productive month, because there were 6 events: Launch of MOK native token by conducting private sale ; Aggressive marketing campaign ; Launch of Swap & Liquidity pools ; Launch of pharming and stacking ; Opening of IFO Launchpad ; Listing on exchanges. And in May 2021 we expect the launch of DEX platform.

Summer 2021

In summer 2021 they are going to launch a lot of interesting things: NFT Supermarket launch, NFT Gamification, Wallet launch on Android and iOS. I hope the team won’t stop there, and will continue to please their users.

Fall 2021.

The Web Application is expected to launch in the fall ; the UI/UX update and the most anticipated is the update to Ethereum V2.0, and closer to December 2021, a new development strategy is expected.

MocktailSwap Social Media

Twitter | Website | Token Website | Telegram | Facebook | Whitepapper

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