SpaceSwap — major update of the project!

Recently, SpaceSwap rolled out just a great update, namely they launched SpaceSwap 2.0, where they fixed a lot of problems and made their project only better, isn’t it great?

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5 min readSep 30, 2020
Now it’s time to launch an upgraded rocket with MILK2 coins and advanced tokenomics on Board. From now on, SpaceSwap users will be able to make a profit on a platform with higher stability and bulletproof security.

The countdown to MILK2 started with the current block #10926321. You can track block generation on Etherscan using a real-time countdown timer:
You can also click on the Notification bell to get a notification that the block has been mined. This way you won’t miss any updates.
As we mentioned earlier, the SpaceSwap team has prepared many innovations for the new version of the platform.
First of all, the development team improved the tokenomics model by introducing the MILK2 coin with a different emission mechanism.

Updates to SpaceSwap 2.0

As we mentioned earlier, the SpaceSwap team has prepared many innovations for the new version of the platform.
First of all, the development team improved the tokenomics model by introducing the MILK2 coin with a different emission mechanism.

  1. While the first 10,000 blocks are being generated, 40 MILK2 coins will be minted for each block.
  2. For the next 30,000 blocks, 20 MILK2 coins will be minted.
  3. For the next 60,000 blocks, users will divide 10 MILK2 coins per block.
  4. After that, 2 MILK2 coins will be minted per block.

This will help slow down the coin’s inflation and make it more stable.
Second, SpaceSwap 2.0 is no longer linked to the list of Uniswap pools. This allows the project team to create a list of pools for which holders vote to save.

The initial list of pools includes:

MILK2 — ETH ; ETH — USDT (from Mooniswap)

Each SpaceSwap partner can add their own pool to the platform and add it to the list.

Want more information?

Get ready for MILK2 multiple DeFi pools:
Be one of the first people to have a MILK2 drop in your wallet. Read the blog for more details.

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Along with the launch of SpaceSwap 2.0, SpaceSwap Added an affiliate program!

In an effort to make DeFi accessible to everyone, SpaceSwap offers an Updated partner program that allows anyone to contribute their pool to our Milky Planets lineup.
SpaceSwap’s key mission is to make profit and DeFi production fairer and more profitable for all members of the community. This is why we discontinued our previous affiliate program to come up with something extraordinary. Are you a rising star on the DeFi horizon? Let SpaceSwap users explore your project and increase your community’s revenue!
Do you run a DeFi project? Do you want to launch a liquidity pool and promote your cryptocurrency? Then take your chance to participate in the updated SpaceSwap partner program! We have updated our terms and conditions to make the cooperation process more transparent and balanced. From now on, users will make decisions about the cost of our partner pools.

Terms of the partner program

The main goal of this partner program is to allow DeFi projects to have their own pools in the list of milky planets SpaceSwap — nine pools that are present during each election period (100,000 mined blocks = one election period). Everyone will have the opportunity to list their own pool — follow the launch of SpaceSwap 2.0 and participate!

How to get a list of your pool in SpaceSwap:

  1. Burn the launch fee in MILK2 coins (coins will be burned automatically). Please note that MILK coins ARE not accepted.
  2. Enter your pool in the SPACEGROUND test zone. Please note that this does not guarantee an official announcement — the community will decide the fate of your pool.
  3. Let users try it out, and if they vote to include it, your pool will be officially listed as a Milky Planet.

This way, if you deliver a profitable and efficient product, you can multiply your users ‘ revenue and enjoy a long-term presence on the SpaceSwap platform with full technical support.

The new SpaceSwap partner program will be a great experience for both new and advanced DeFi projects. This is a great opportunity if you want to:

  • Promote your crypto coin
  • Get experience in organizing your liquidity pool.
  • Attract liquidity and investment.
  • Increase your customers ‘ revenue.
  • Compensate users for painful gas fees by providing MILK2 coins with an incentive.
  • Introduce your community to safe and reliable crop farming and DeFi services.

In addition, you can get technical assistance and advice from the SpaceSwap team to resolve all related issues and issues. Come and conquer the DeFi industry with us!
We will consider all requests for placement of advertisements. You can add any pool to the list of Milky Planets, even MILK-MILK2. Track the launch of SpaceSwap 2.0 and feel free to participate!

How do I participate?

Applications for participation in the SpaceSwap 2.0 partner program are accepted by email: We will review Your request and contact you.

Feel the love and our support back

For more information, read us on GitHub, or write to the SpaceSwap team.


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