What is OpenOcean?

All For Your Trading. DeFi & CeFi Full Aggregation Protocol

1. Introduction

2. Investors

3. How OpenOcean works?

  1. Price quotation from DEXes and CEXes
  2. Optimize and find the best trading routes for best price with low slippage
  3. Communicate the prices to the user and execute trades

Protocol algorithms and smart contracts

  • Applies an optimizing algorithm based on Dijkstra and D-star to get the initial best route
  • Additionally it constantly optimizes the routes based on machine learning using platform data
  • Offers the best price to users by comparing the prices on aggregated DEXes with the best price on CEXes
  • Protects user interests by subsidizing slippage losses with OOE tokens
  • Utilizes transparent pricing mechanism without charging additional protocol transaction fees

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